The Dojo

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Here at The Eagle Dojo, Shobukan Aikido Nottingham we are a family right through from the husband and wife instructor team through to the students. Without doubt the emphasis at this dojo is the creation of a friendly training atmosphere where each and every student can improve their confidence and work safely towards their individual goals.

The Eagle Dojo is a full time training academy,  it’s sole purpose is for our students to train in Aikido.  Because we are not renting space in some other sports or school facility we have been able to cater specifically to our students and their parents.

We have two lounge areas, one with a large screen TV,  a  kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities for parents. We also have a creche room for siblings while their family trains. These, along with dedicated changing rooms, clean toilet facilities make our dojo a state of the art (albeit traditional) training facility.

The friendly environment of the Aikido Dojo makes learning this fantastic art a great way to meet new people and make friends.

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