Training Schedule

We cater for classes beginning with children from the age of 4 years old through to 9 years called Little Dragons.

Our Juniors start at 10 years old and the Adults start from 16 years old.
Pause a while to think why…
A successful Young Martial Arts student is punctual, respectful, considerate of others, and has self discipline. Punctuality and respect are the means by which physical and mental expertise are developed.
Young Martial Arts Students have an increased sense of responsibility as well as a higher sense of self-esteem and sociability, which means Students are less likely to succumb to destructive peer pressure. Utilising their self discipline, they will use diplomacy rather than action to resolve a dispute.
During training, our Students are in the presence of strong, positive role models which leads to a Student becoming a great role model in their own right.
When given a task, a Young Martial Arts Student will not say “I’ll try”, they will never doubt that they can do it, and they will respond with “I will”.
See our current class time table below:

Little Dragons

Mon/Wed – 5pm-6pm

Thurs – 6pm-7pm

Sat –  10am-11am

In this class we focus on Life Skills. Discipline, Concentration, Focus, Coordination and Fitness. Whilst the class is fun, the teaching is structured and strict. The children are taught basic self defence which will stay with them through to their progression into Juniors. Our aim is that the students go home having had a good time, learnt something and most of all are tired and calm.


Mon/Wed – 6pm-7pm

Thurs – 7pm-8pm

Sat – 11am-12 noon

Still focused around life skills the classes will now become more structured around the Aikido and Self Defence techniques.  At this stage the Instructor will begin building the foundations that will set you on your way towards your Black Belt.


Mon-6pm-7pm  &  7:15pm-8:15pm

Wed – 6pm-7pm

Thurs – 12:00pm- 1:00pm  &   7pm-8pm

Sat – 11am-12 noon

The Aikido syllabus is a system of building blocks each one building on the last. This means that students of all levels, experience and fitness can train together in a safe and friendly training session. Each individual can work at their own rate of progression although the aim of each session will be to improve confidence and fitness whilst working towards your Black Belt Test.

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